About Us

Eamonn Giblin, founded Gourmet Game in 2013. It was out of his love for shooting and fishing that he came up with the idea of supplying hotels/restaurants with Wild Game. It has proved to be a very unique business as Chefs are amazed with the quality of the birds when they arrive at the kitchens. As you will see in our product description section, all birds are individually wrapped and are oven ready. Chefs have commented on how well presented they are and how plump and fresh the birds look.

WILD PHEASANT Availability: Fresh Wild Pheasant from Nov 1 to Feb 2. Shot in various different shoots.
WILD RABBIT Availability: All year round and fresh also.
WILD PIGEON Availability: Pigeon fresh from Mid July till end of Jan (available frozen as full birds or crowns)
WILD VENISON Availability: Fresh from Sept 1 to 28 Feb
WOODCOCK / SNIPE / TEAL / WIGEON Availability: All above from Nov 1 till Jan 31